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By |July 15, 2022|

The Great Unwinding Last month, we called the current market situation, “The Great Reset”, which meant resetting pricing, portfolio allocation, risk management, and generally how to buckle up and sit around a little [...]

By |March 15, 2022|

Over the course of the past few months, the term Metaverse has been a hot topic of conversation. The main catalyst for this explosion stems from Mark Zuckerberg  changing the name of Facebook [...]

By |February 15, 2022|

Have you diversified your Crypto portfolio? You’ve heard the same story before, “new college grad goes all in on DOGE and makes millions”. Or the one where someone buys a lambo because he [...]

By |January 5, 2022|

Do you ever find yourself second-guessing your investment decisions? Over the years, I've sure had my fair share of mistakes. One of the reasons I started this program, is to share my hard-won [...]

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“I made more in 30 days from Jeff’s Crypto tips than I’ve ever made in my other investments, and it’s been ever growing since. Thank you so much Jeff and Robert for everything you do for this industry. I appreciate you both so much!”

- Kenneth
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“Finally! After countless Youtube videos and feeling overwhelmed with information it was amazing to learn from Jeff and his knowledge. I now feel confident in my investing abilities and it’s like a weight has lifted from my shoulders.”

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“My amount of knowledge and confidence in the crypto space has grown exponentially in a year. I feel confident in investing now, I have made solid returns, and I just love the team and love the support.”

- Shane

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“I’ve been trading Crypto since 2017, but since joining RocketFuel my experience changed completely. Jeff and his team’s experience is unrivaled, they’re always available to provide guidance when needed.”

- Elesandra

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Rocket Fuel Crypto was created to help people like you navigate the world of cryptocurrencies so you can understand it and profit from it. No engineering degree required.

If you’re interested in building wealth and financial freedom, then there’s no better place to do it than in crypto and we can help you just like we’ve helped thousands of others. Hope to see you inside!

What’s the story behind RocketFuel Crypto?2022-05-07T21:51:55+00:00

Our founder, Jeff, became an early adopter of blockchain technology while studying electrical engineering at Michigan. He joined a team of technologists from Berkeley, MIT, and Yale (known as RocketFuel.team), creating several patented blockchain technologies. Jeff went on to serve as an investor and advisor to dozens of successful crypto startups before being recruited to lead blockchain initiatives at Salesforce.com. Along the way, Jeff learned how to build wealth as a crypto investor.

While an executive MBA student at Berkeley, Jeff launched and hosted a crypto WhatsApp group for fellow Berkeley grad students. The Haas Crypto chat quickly became popular among Berkeley students campus-wide. It was there that Jeff discovered his passion to educate others on the transformative potential of blockchain and crypto currency. When Jeff’s Rocketfuel Crypto co-founder (a classmate and member of the original chat) introduced Jeff to Robert Kiyosaki, RocketFuel Crypto was born.

How does the pricing work?2022-05-07T21:52:04+00:00

7-Day free trial. $47 per month. Cancel anytime. No hidden fees. No strings attached. No upselling. You get the full program (courses, weekly videos, monthly newsletter, and 24/7 chat) for $47 per month until you cancel.

How does the charge appear on my bank statement?2022-05-07T21:52:14+00:00

The charge currently appears as “Beaux Arts”. The charge will always be $47 US. If you have any questions, please email us support@rocketfueleducation.com

I just joined RocketFuel. Where do I begin?2022-05-07T21:52:29+00:00

Welcome! For those that are new to crypto, visit the “Getting Started” video section first. For those with more experience in crypto, you might want to skip ahead to the “Advanced Topics” section. Regardless of your experience level, be sure to view the weekly news videos (posted every Tuesday) as well as our State of Crypto Letter (posted on the 1st day of each month). Lastly, be sure to join the RocketFuel Telegram groups to connect with our community.

How do I join the RocketFuel Telegram group?2022-05-07T21:52:40+00:00

First, sign up for a FREE Telegram account (Takes 3 mins). Visit www.Telegram.org OR download the Telegram app on your phone.  Second, create a Telegram account (Takes 2 mins). In Telegram, go to “settings” and select a “User Name”. Please select a user name that matches your RocketFuel login email. Third, click here to join our group.  If you need any help, please email support@rocketfueleducation.com. You can also send a direct message in Telegram to @RocketFuelAdmin and we will be happy to assist.

How do I cancel my membership?2022-05-07T21:52:58+00:00

Cancellation is easy. Simply send a cancellation email to support@rocketfueleducation.com.

How do I update my payment info?2022-05-07T21:52:47+00:00

Please contact us at support@rocketfueleducation.com or send a direct message on Telegram @RocketFuelAdmin

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